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Our Mission Statement is based on the following principles, beliefs and values we practice in our daily business:

  • Outstanding Customer Service – Strive to be known as the best in the business!

  • To know our customers’ needs and remain able to serve them as their needs evolve.

  • To hold safety as a core business value, considered in all we do.

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures meeting the highest ethical, safety and business standards.

  • To recognize that our greatest assets are our employees and function accordingly.

  • To be sensitive to the social and economic concerns of our community and to encourage and support active employee participation in community programs.

  • To develop future workers and leaders for our company and our industry through staged training for all jobs within Accu-Line.

  • To stimulate creative, innovative thinking and product development.

  • To develop and apply technology that effectively serves our needs.

  • To operate our company in a manner that rewards our employees while remaining competitive in the marketplace and profitable too.

  • To realize a competitive advantage from our company’s diversity, agility and willingness to embrace change.

  • We will value and protect our environment today, to improve the future for coming generations.

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Our Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to provide consistently high quality, reliable, competitively priced 24 hour on-call Wireline Services that meet our customer’s needs and provide our company the opportunity to achieve a fair profit. We will provide a work environment for our personnel that is safe, friendly, challenging and rewarding. We will provide equal opportunity for the personal and professional development of all our personnel and access to benefit programs to protect and care for them and their families. We value open, honest communication, fairness, integrity and recognize our obligation to conduct operations within applicable legal, moral and ethical guidelines. We will take steps to protect the safety, health and security of our personnel, our customers, all property and the environment.

Mission & Core Values
Our Team


Earl "Buddy" Dearborn
CEO, Accu-Line Well Services

Accu-Line was formed in 2016 when Buddy, who had grown tired of retirement after a long 2 years, visited with past friends and associates about the idea of forming yet another wireline service company. After much thought and preparation, the decision was made to move forward with the formation of Accu-Line. With decades of experience in the service industry themselves, Buddy, Aaron, Adam, and Scooter successfully built arguably the best wireline team in the Gulf of Mexico in a mere 2.5 years in business. Accu-Line continues to grow, offering new technology and always the continued loyal service and support to their clients.


Executive Vice President



Vice President of Assets



Director of Technology



Vice President of Operations



Sales Manager



E-Line Manager

Our Facility


Located just off of Hwy 90 in Broussard, LA, Accu-Line Well Services resides in an extremely convenient area to cater to our customers along the Gulf Coast. Our building and yard allows truck traffic to drive in and drive out eliminating the need for blind back-ups and other potential safety hazards.  

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