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Quality, Health, Safety, & Environmental 

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We at Accu-Line Well Services take our Health, Safety, and Environmental management very seriously. It is an integral and essential part of our business and vital in day-to-day operations with our customers, contractors and communities that we operate in. In order for Accu-Line to be successful in all aspects of business, we must first protect the environment along with prioritizing the safety of all team members involved in projects we are fulfilling.

We will always conduct business in accordance with local and federal regulations acting ethically and taking responsibility and accountability for our actions. All of our team members have gone through advanced training of our procedures and controls in order to minimize potential incidents. All team members utilize a stop work system should they feel that a threat of safety had developed.

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Our belief is simply… Create a workforce that encourages employees to communicate environmental concerns as well as promote workplace safety as an integrated part of our operation. 



Our fit-for-duty program ensures that every employee can physically and mentally carry out their job assignments and duties safely.



Our policy requires that every employee be trained and educated on all applicable safety standards while focusing on specific workplace hazards.



Our annual “HSE Improvement Plan” includes specific objectives that are geared towards raising environmental awareness among our workforce.

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