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 ACCUTEMP is a 0.75" O.D. temperature logging tool with integral CCL capability designed specifically for through pack-off/restriction real-time leak detection. Run on our AccuLine conductive slickline or E-Line cable, a real-time digital readout correlation & temperature log at surface ensures quality results. Optimal for leak detection, ACCUTEMP has proven its success and durability in the field since its creation.


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conductive slickline

A .160" 316L stainless steel conductive slickline with real-time correlation, communication, & control capability for perforating, logging, and mechanical slickline services. AccuLine is used in conjunction with a traditional slickline stuffing box eliminating the need for grease. Warrior System compatible tools run on AccuLine are surface powered and require no batteries. Unlike E-Line, AccuLine can perform traditional slickline operations such as jarring, pulling/setting packoffs and shifting sleeves; making it very cost competitive. With a small equipment footprint, mechanical slickline and real-time surface control & confirmation, AccuLine is quickly becoming a leader in the industry for Slickline and light E-Line applications.

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MDM Gas Lift Knock-Up Tool

Developed in the 80's by one of Accu-Line's own, the MDM Gas Lift Knock Up Tool is the only proven successful tool of its kind in the world. Often times gas lift valves will lose their latch/fishing neck, making the valve nearly impossible to pull from the mandrel. With the MDM Gas Lift Knock Up Tool we are able to "knock" the valve upward from the bottom of the gas lift mandrel to allow a latch with our special paired retrieval tool. For years, these tools made their way around the world, yielding positive results and beating out competitors' attempted versions with ease. Now they're here to stay and we at Accu-Line are proud to be the only company in the world to offer this one-of-a-kind service.

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Accu-Line in cooperation with TD Tools, Inc. offers sand jet perforating/cutting as a service to our customers. Unlike explosive perforating, sand jetting allows for the continued release of energy and forms a 1-2in. cone shaped perforation tunnel that expands as it protrudes deeper into the formation. Removed material is washed out creating better formation communication for the well. We have an array of different tool sizes and types not only for perforating, but for cutting and clean out as well. 

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- Perforate

- Cut/Completely Sever

- Tubing Cleanout/ De-scale

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With many years in the oil & gas industry, Kinley power tools has proven the reliability and success of it's tools. Accu-Line Wireline Services, LLC, in conjunction with Expro Americas, is proud to offer cutting services by use of Kinley Sand Line Cutters.


Accu-Line operators undergo an official Kinley training course before permission is granted to operate any Kinley power tools. A certificate is issued stating tool knowledge and permission to operate once training is completed.


90 minute partitioned timers are used in the cutter assemblies with options to cut slickline, cable, or Electric Line.

AccuApp-quality reporting app

AccuApp was developed to allow company and customer personnel the opportunity to give a fully confidential rating of numerous quality factors on every job.

Rating collected will allow management to assess the quality factor of our personnel, working conditions of the location and risk of the task/job at hand. Accu-Line Engineers, Operator/Assistants and client representatives complete the AccuApp survey after every job.

Accu-Line will be able to share data with customers. This will provide unique insight about their personnel & locations.

Kinley Sand Line Cutting Services
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