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Slickline Services land/offshore

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With over 120 years of owners' combined experience, it's apparent that Accu-Line Wireline Services is recognized as a leader in the slickline industry. Knowledgable, passionate crews paired with strong, trustworthy customer relationships ensures the continued growth and success of the company for years to come.

- "We're confident that we're the best. Our team is prideful in each and everything they do; on and off the job and our equipment shows it."  

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  • Opening & Closing Sliding Sleeves

  • Cutting Paraffin

  • Bailing Sand

  • Bottom Hole Pressure/Temperature Surveys

  • Gas Lift Work & Specialty "Knock-Up & Retrieve" Service

  • Setting & Pulling of Safety Devices

  • Swabbing

  • Locating Holes in Tubing & Setting Pack-Off Assemblies

  • Specialized Fishing Operations

  • Standard & Sour Service Lines & Equipment

Electric Line Services  land/offshore

With pristine equipment and experienced engineers, Accu-Line Wireline Services is prepared to handle your next E-Line project/job. 


We offer an array of Electric Line Services including but not limited to:

  • Logging Services

  • Tubing/Casing Perforating and Plugs

  • Correlation Logs

  • Calipers

  • Leak Detection Surveys

  • Cement Dump

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AccuLine Services  land/offshore

With our conductive slickline, AccuLine, we are able to offer an array of slickline and E-Line type services from the same spool and unit, saving time and money for our customers. Services include but are not limited to:

• Cement Dump Runs

• MRBP Setting Runs in 2 3/8”,2 7/8” & 3 ½”

• Straddle Packers

• Perforating

• AccuTempLeak Detection & CCL

• CCL/Gauge

• Camera

• Caliper

• Stop/Packoff Pulling/Setting Services

• DX,DS,CS Plug/Stop Pulling/Setting Services

• Dummy Runs, Gauges, Paraffin Scratchers, and Other       Mechanical Operations

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Video: Live Feed from DHVI downhole camera on AccuLine

Slickline Services
E-Line Services
AccuLine Services
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